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PACKAGES? Who the hell wants Packages?

So your venue offers you packages and so does your caterer and pretty much everyone who works on your wedding  packs their packages on top of each other, no doubt leaving you with a whole lot of weight to be lugging along with you to the altar.

Well rest assured you will receive no Packages from me here.

I'll make it easy for you, lighten your load, and together we'll skip like weightless little sprites to your wedding day...cause that's the way it ought to be.

£200 per hour

Easy. Peasy. None of the Sleazy.

You can book me for as little  or as long as your heart desires, by the hour, and with no strings attached. That works out at around £4 per photo...crazy I know!

But what's the catch?

Well there honestly isn't one. You book me for however long you want and I'm yours and yours alone for the time that I'm there. I do however require that you have me for a minimum of 2 hours...1 hour just won't allow for much.

What do we get?

You will receive around 50 photos per every hour's coverage -  this will not only include each photo as shot but all the skilful, high-end post-production that will go into it afterwards.

Your collection will be uploaded in  high resolution to your very own private gallery, here on my website.

If you book me for 4 x hours or more I will include a beautifully prepared USB with your collection uploaded to it.

If you book me for 6 x hours or more I will include the above with the addition of a free pre-wedding shoot in the lead-up to your Big Day at a location of your choosing.

If you book me for 8 x hours or more I will include all the above with the addition of a free XXL Leather-bound Photobook, designed bespoke to you and holds up to 100 photos of your choosing.

How do we book?

You will simply need a £400 deposit to secure your date.  This will cover your first 2 x hours.

Thereafter it will be a rolling £200 per hour for little or as long as you like... and I won't charge you for the hour of your meal!


Additional items such as albums and prints can be ordered after the wedding and a full product list will be made available to you once your photos are ready.

Telling your story...

I make a point of getting to know you as a couple and to find what it is that makes you tick and connects you in the strong way that it does.

I put my heart and soul into capturing your day in the most natural, relaxed and unobtrusive way possible and I steer well clear of any "cheese" that may seek to occur.

To tell your story is my end-game...and to do so with honesty, artistry and a dash of good humour is what I live for!

Just so you know...

Once you've booked your date your remainder total will only be due by 1 month before your wedding date, so no need to stress about paying it all in one go.

It also excludes travel and/or accommodation charges, should these apply.

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