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Hi I'm GERLOF , but my friends call me GEE

As a barefooted South African farm boy I used to dream about far-off places, with castles at the feet of misty mountains, so naturally I decided that I would live in Scotland from a very young age.

I finally realised that dream as a young man, quite by accident, in 2003 and when at last I beheld the ancient land of Alba with my own eyes,  it was love at first sight.

Many years later GEEBZ Photography was born out of that love and it's been a fantastic few years since!

So why "GEEBZ", I hear you say? Well, walking around with a name like Gerlof Griesel does have its tongue-tying challenges in an English-speaking country.

I've been called anything from Geldof (as in Bob) to Gandalf (as in "The Grey") so when the time came to name my  little company it was quite clear that calling it "Gerlof Griesel Photography" would not exactly fall gently on the ear. Go ahead and try it...say it three times fast!

My philosophy is that it's what's on the inside, that shows on the outside, that counts! I don't pose you into shapes that'll leave you stiff for a fortnight. My intention is to capture the true essence of Who You Are as a person or couple.

You'll find no cheese here! I hope you enjoy browsing through these galleries   -  it certainly is my life's joy to be doing this work!

Thank you and shoot you soon!


PS: I won the Photographer of the Year for South East Scotland at the 2019 Scottish Wedding Awards! Just thought I'd throw that in there.

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