Weddings - GEEBZ Photography


(and without the cheese!)

I've done many a fabulous wedding over the years, each of them unique to itself, and I've learnt one glorious overarching lesson: The rules apply...right up until the point that they don't! Your wedding day will bring with it its own unique flavour, full of unexpected and unforeseen delights and I've learnt to embrace that; to roll with your fabulous wedding day and to be open to it to surprise and delight us, and this approach has served both myself and my couples very well indeed.

You will find that I do YOUR wedding YOUR way. I make a point of getting to know WHO YOU ARE and by the time we arrive at the morning of your union we will all feel like old pals and enjoy its unfolding together. 

Now I'm not going to blab on and on here, that can wait until we meet for a coffee. I will say, however, that what you will find here is unlike anything you will find anywhere else. You will discover that I don't just "think out of the box" but that I stand right on top of it to get the best shot possible. I throw all of my energy, wit and creativity at your day and let it bounce right back to me. I have FUN! And in amongst all of the rush and noise of the fun I have with you I stay focused and steady, never missing a moment and always thinking ten years ahead.

I want you to look back at these photos for decades to come and I want them to never get old.


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